What Should Be Considered to Design The EV Battery?

The power battery (EV battery) system itself is a complex system integrating chemistry, electricity, and machinery. The system design must take into account all aspects of the characteristics, especially the safety and life decay of the battery’s chemical characteristics. It’s not easy to assess in a short time.

Besides, when the power battery is installed in a vehicle, it is necessary to consider a complex and variable application environment. To ensure long-term safety and durability of the battery system, how to use and maintain it must be defined at the design stage.

Bonnen engineer made below two “iron triangles” drawing to show you which aspect need to be considered in the design of battery pack system. The first diagram shows that there are three indispensable technologies in the power battery system: battery cell technology, pack technology and BMS technology.

EV battery design
The second diagram shows that battery system products should define and control the whole life cycle according to the concept of automotive development, from product development and manufacturing to product maintenance to ensure good use. Only safety and longevity gene battery technology can realize whole system safety and reliability.

EV battery design

Nowadays power battery (EV battery) technology is getting mature that enable it replace traditional gasoline come to reality.