Last Updated on: 6th February 2022, 05:18 pm

The Benefits of Lithium-powered Electric Tractors

Electric technology and battery power are becoming the theme for electric agricultural vehicles and tools. Concerning environmentally friendly in the agriculture field, lithium battery-powered vehicles and tools absolutely dominating the trend.

Take one hot selling electric tractor for example. This all-electric tractor gets its power from a 72V lithium-ion battery supplying a 15kW (20hp) electric motor, making it an ideal size for working in greenhouses, equestrian units and with some livestock farm jobs.

Charged from a domestic socket to 100% in five hours and able to run for up to six hours. Tractor sales manager at RB distributor, commented: “The electric tractor is compact in size, but has more than enough power to be a useful, reliable and practical alternative to the small compact diesel tractor. The fact that it’s battery-powered brings all the benefits you’d expect from choosing electric, such as no fossil fuel costs, with no compromise to productivity and performance.”

What benefits from lithium battery powered electric tractors?The benefits of electric equipment extend beyond mowing your yard. More flexibility, less time servicing and fewer trips to the gas station free up time to enjoy the lawn you love.

Why the battery-powered tractor is so popular and successful now? Bonnen had listed some main features below.

Powerful Performance
Electric riders are powered by lithium-ion batteries that deliver extended runtimes, fast 4-hour recharge and no power fade.

Low Maintenance
Riders with no gas, oil, air filters, spark plugs, pulleys or belts mean less maintenance and more barbecues, handstands, and whatever else you love to do.

Lower operating costs for operators.

Zero Emissions
No exhaust, carbon monoxide or unburned hydrocarbons from the onboard source of power for a cleaner, zero-emission ride.

Low noise Level
Up to 65% quieter during operation than gas means you can cut at dawn or dusk without disturbing the neighbourhood.

100% Electric. 0% Compromise
Our electric lineup meets the same rigorous standards for performance, power and durability you’ll find in any Bonnen lithium battery-powered equipment, and is backed by a strong 3-year warranty.

Now more and more tractor, mower etc agriculture vehicle manufacturer is deploying and accelerating its electrification to obtain more market share, contributing a more blue sky.

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