Last Updated on: 6th February 2022, 05:27 pm

Replacing Traditional Lead-acid with Lithium Ion for 48V / 72V / 96V Vehicles

First of all, lead-acid batteries for electric vehicle can be converted to lithium batteries, which is very simple and convenient. But you should purchase the lithium battery packs from the professional lithium battery suppliers like Bonnen Battery. As long as lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries have the same voltage, they can be replaced directly. In general, you only need to replace the lead acid charger with the lithium battery charger.

Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries 72V150AH

But you should pay more attention to the controller. There is a special controller for lithium batteries. The principle of the lithium battery controller and the lead-acid battery controller is the same, and the hardware is the same, but the undervoltage (discharge cut off voltage) value is different. The undervoltage value of the lithium battery’s controller is lower than lead-acid batteries’. Lithium battery energy can be released fully only with the lithium battery controller.

Take the 48V lead-acid controller as an example, the undervoltage protection value is about 41 ± 1V. When the battery voltage drops to about 41V, although the vehicle can still drive at a low speed, the battery is already in an over-discharge state. As a result, the battery life will be greatly shortened. The undervoltage protection function of the controller can effectively avoid the overdischarge of the battery.

Lithium battery controllers work the same way. Take the 48V NMC lithium battery as an example, the full charge is 54.6V, and the minimum discharge voltage is 37.8V. So after using the lead acid battery controller, the battery drops to about 41V when the controller enters the undervoltage protection state, and not all the lithium battery energy is released, As a result, the car’s range will be reduced. But if you use the lithium battery controller which will trigger the protection when the voltage to 37.8V, so your car’s range will increase greatly.

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