Project Description

  • Energy Storage System 166KWH
  • Energy Storage System 166KWH

Energy Storage System 166KWH LIFEPO4 Custom Battery Pack

  • High voltage 691V 80Ah LiFePO4 energy storage battery ESS battery solar batteries

  • This battery system is widely used for database, telecommunication, and energy backup project, energy storage system.

  • Land Area Saving: 50%

  • Installation Efficiency Increase: 40%

  • Energy Consumption Saving: 30%

  • Annual Availability: 98%

  • Life Increase: 33%

  • Transportation Cost Saving: 30%

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Total 240S1P of each battery mould

No.Item nameBasic parameterRemark
1Nominal energy165.9KWhTotal battery system
2Nominal capacity80Ah7pcs battery mould boxes series connecting
3Nominal voltage691.2V
4Working voltage594~788.4V
5Nominal charging current0.5C0℃~50℃
6Max continuous charging current1C20℃~50℃
7Standard discharging current0.5C-20℃~50℃
8Max continuous discharging current1C-20℃~50℃
9Communication protocolCAN 2.0/485
11Weight(KG)about 610kgs

The parameters of 24pcs series connecting(24S1P: 76.8V80Ah battery mould) 

No.Item NameBasic parameter
1Type of battery cellprimistic 3.2V 80Ah
2Nominal energy6.1KWH
3Nominal capacity80Ah
4Nominal voltage76.8V
5Charging voltage87.6V
6Standard charging current0.5C
7Max continuous charging current1C
8Standard discharging current0.5C
9Max continuous discharging current1C
10Size485*153*664mm (W*H*L)
11Weightabout 58kgs

Key Specifications/Special Features:

High voltage LiFePO4 battery 691V80Ah battery system for solar wind project
Security Systems
1.Modular structure, flexible configuration of system capacity.
2.Standard container, turnkey system.
3.Intelligent battery management
4.Support the access of other micro-sources to realize the intelligent and efficient management of the system.
5.Outdoor IP55 protection level
6.Dustproof and corrosion-proof
7.Constant temperature design in the warehouse, the battery works in the best temperature environment
8.Intelligent fire fighting system, automatic fire extinguishing
9.Intelligent sound and light alarm and remote upload function, high security
•Thermal Insulation
•Customized Fuse
•1H Fire Resistant
•Partial Operation
•Robust BMS
•Integrated Fire Suppression System

•Land Area Saving: 50%
•Installation Efficiency Increase: 40%
•Energy Consumption Saving: 30%
•Annual Availability: 98%
•Life Increase: 33% (10,000 Cycle Performance)
•Transportation Cost Saving: 30%



  • Never connect the positive and the negative of the battery with metal
  • Never ship or store the battery with metal
  • Never cut or puncture the battery
  • Do not expose the battery to water
  • Do not expose the battery to fire & high temperature

Storage &Non Use

  • Storage in a dry place with temperature of not exceeding 30°C
  • For long term storage keep battery charged 30%-50% of capacity
  • Do not storage battery with metal
  • Use terminal post covers to prevent any short circuit circumstance

Additional Product Information

The Lithium battery makes every attempt to verify that its products are used and designed for your application. For additional questions or concerns, please contact with Bonnen or your distributor.