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  • Electric scooter battery pack, 72V 60Ah electric motorcycle, motorbike, moped lithium battery

Custom 72V 60Ah scooter lithium battery, electric motorcycle, motorbike, moped battery, replacement battery for electric scooter, OEM/ODM

Bonnen Battery is an expert in scooter lithium battery manufacturer. We have successfully provided all kinds of replacement battery for electric scooter, electric motorcycle to the international markets for about 10 years. Bonnen electric scooter lithium batteries last for up to 8 years and do not require maintenance because we use NMC/ LiFePo4 pouch cells. These cells have longer life cycles and are safer than 18650 cells. No charging is needed, even if it sits in storage for 6 months. In addition, our electric scooter motorcycle battery pack are 80% lighter than traditional lead-acid components and use modern, more advanced technology.

  • 8 years, more than 1500/2000 times cycle life (with NMC/ LiFePo4 pouch cells)

  • Save maintenance cost

  • Shorter charging time

  • Small size with light weight

  • With high-performance smart BMS

  • Ride eco-friendly

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Electrical Characteristics Rated Capacity 60Ah
Min Capacity 60Ah
High Rate Discharge Capacity > 90% Rated Capacity
Discharge Capacity @ -20℃(-4℉) > 70% Rated Capacity
Nominal Voltage 72V
Energy 4320Wh
Internal Impedance(@ 1000Hz.) ≤20 mΩ
Cycle Life >1500 Cycles @ 1C 85% DOD
Months Self Discharge ≤ 5% @ 25℃(77℉)
Efficiency of Charge 100% @ 1/2C
Efficiency of Discharge 95% @1C
Standard Charge Max Charge Voltage 84V
Charge Current 0.5C, 30A
Max Charge Current 60A
Standard Discharge Standard discharge Current 1C, 60A
Max Discharge Current 120A for 3 seconds
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 60V
Environmental Charge Temperature 0 ℃ to 45℃(32℉ to 113℉) @ 65±20%Relative Humidity
Discharge Temperature -20℃ to 60℃(-4℉ to 140℉) @ 65±20%Relative Humidity
Storage Temperature ≤ 1 Month, -20℃ to 60℃(-4℉ to 140℉) @ 65±20%Relative Humidity
≤ 6 Month, -20℃ to 30℃(-4℉ to 80℉) @ 65±20%Relative Humidity

On the move economically, cleanly and conveniently with Bonnen scooter, motorcycle lithium battery.

Utilize NMC pouch battery technology to build a more compact E-scooter, motorcycle battery pack with long battery life.

Why the Lithium Battery is the Best Solution for E-Scooters and Motorcycles?

The advantages of lithium batteries over lead-acid batteries

1. Shorter charging time

Lead-acid batteries require 8-9 hours of charging while lithium batteries are 90% charged in two hours and only require three hours of charging.

2. It is not necessary to replace the battery

Lead-acid batteries are about 50% of their initial capacity after 1.5 years of use (about 400 cycles), but Bonnen solutions are about 80% after 8 years (about 1500 cycles). Due to the minimum required life for an E-scooter of three years, existing lead-acid batteries must be changed while lithium batteries do not.

3. More eco-friendly

The manufacturing process and even the disposal of lead-acid batteries can result in lead contamination. A lithium battery, on the other hand, contains no environmentally harmful material.

Advantages of lithium battery-operated scooters over engine-type scooters

1. E-scooters are almost maintenance-free

Unlike engines that need to be fueled and oil changed regularly, E-scooters require almost no maintenance after purchase.

2. Improve convenience of maintenance

Engine-type scooters require regular maintenance and additional checks, such as fueling, changing the oil, and changing the oil filter frequently, but electric scooters do not need this maintenance.

3. Ride eco-friendly

Scooters with motors emit toxic gases like CO, HC, and NOx. A scooter powered by electricity from a lithium battery, however, does not produce any emissions and is therefore safe for the human body and the environment.


  • Never connect the positive and the negative of the battery with metal
  • Never ship or store the battery with metal
  • Never cut or puncture the battery
  • Do not expose the battery to water
  • Do not expose the battery to fire & high temperature

Storage &Non Use

  • Storage in a dry place with temperature of not exceeding 30°C
  • For long term storage keep battery charged 30%-50% of capacity
  • Do not storage battery with metal
  • Use terminal post covers to prevent any short circuit circumstance

Additional Product Information

The Lithium battery makes every attempt to verify that its products are used and designed for your application. For additional questions or concerns, please contact with Bonnen or your distributor.

1): Are you a manufacturer or a trader?

Re: We are an expert in lithium battery manufacturer. We have successfully provided all kinds of comprehensive lithium battery solutions to different counties for about 10 years.

2): What brand and chemistry of batteries do you use?

Re: We will use LifePo4 or NMC lithium battery cells for your solution. In order to guarantee the quality of performance. We normally use the cell or module from Tier 1 battery cell manufacturer in the world. For example, we will use the lithium battery cells from GOTION or EVE. GOTION is the lithium battery cell supplier of Volkswagen. EVE is the lithium battery cell supplier of Daimler.

3): Is there a discount available if I order large quantities?

Re: Yes, with more bulk size orders, prices will be cheaper.

4): Do you offer battery chargers?

Re: Yes, we do. Please mention a charger when sending an inquiry. Please be advised that our charger cost is not included in the price of the battery.

5): What is your company’s intelligence like?

Re: Our company has ISO9001 certification. Most of our products are UN38.3, IEC62133, and CB certified.

6): When will my order be shipped?

Re: Normally 30 days after payment is received, but it can be negotiated based on order quantity and production schedule.

7): What is the quality guarantee period?

Re: 3 years!

8): How much range can I expect from an Electric Car battery pack?

Re: Currently, electric vehicles have a range of more than 200km per charge. It also needs to consider the factors of battery system total energy, temperature, rolling resistance, acceleration etc.

9): Is the Electric Car battery system waterproof?

Re: Bonnen Battery offers custom IP65 and IP67 levels. The IP67 level can at least ensure that the battery pack is immersed in water at a depth of one meter. This will not cause problems for a certain period of time.