Project Description

  • marine lithium battery 48V 100AH

Boat Lithium Battery 48V 100AH for Marine, Yacht

  • IP67 waterproof function

  • Battery module is designed according electronic automotive industrial shockproof level 8 standard

  • Can pass collision safety requirements (refer to ISO12405 standard)

  • Emergency start function

  • No protection circuit forcibly closed power supply function. That means: if there is any problem with the BMS, but the battery can still work if your boat is on the sea

  • Green Energy without contaminants

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No. Item Name Basic parameter
1 Nominal capacity 100Ah
2 Watt hour 480Wh
3 Nominal voltage 48V
4 Standard charging current 50A
5 Maximum continuous charge current 100A
6 Standard discharging method 100A
7 Maximum continuous discharge current 300A;
8 Cycle life ≥3000 cycles (80% DOD)
9 Operating temperature -20~55℃
10 Storage temperature -20~55℃
11 Shipment voltage ≥48
12 Communication mode CAN/RS485/232
13 Size L635*W255*H340(mm) Can be customized
14 Weight 47kgs

Low cost
Lithium battery costs less over its entire lifetime.
Weighs 75% less than lead acid. Saves fuel when used in a vehicle or a boat.
Able to deliver higher peak power for heavy loads than lead acid – continuous current as high as 250 A and surge current of 700 A.
Fast charging
Fully charges in 2 hours.
Long lifetime
Typically 4000 charging cycles, or more than 3 times the lifetime of lead acid.
High quality
Bonnen uses battery cells from the world leader CATL, and are backed by a 3-year warranty plus local after-sales service, ensuring trouble-free performance.
Built-in Battery Management System (BMS)
Ensures the safe operation of the battery by protecting it from overcharge, over-discharge and over current, thereby extending the lifetime of the battery
Battery monitoring
User can monitor the battery status through an LCD display or computer connection.
Simple connections make lithium batteries easier to deploy and use.
Bonnen can make a custom configuration to match your power, voltage and capacity needs.

L635*W255*H340(mm) Can be customized


  • Never connect the positive and the negative of the battery with metal
  • Never ship or store the battery with metal
  • Never cut or puncture the battery
  • Do not expose the battery to water
  • Do not expose the battery to fire & high temperature

Storage &Non Use

  • Storage in a dry place with temperature of not exceeding 30°C
  • For long term storage keep battery charged 30%-50% of capacity
  • Do not storage battery with metal
  • Use terminal post covers to prevent any short circuit circumstance

Additional Product Information

The Lithium battery makes every attempt to verify that its products are used and designed for your application. For additional questions or concerns, please contact with Bonnen or your distributor.