Last Updated on: 23rd August 2023, 07:50 pm

  • 24V 120AH LiFePO4 Custom Battery Pack from Bonnen Battery

24V 120AH LiFePO4 Custom Battery Pack For AGV, Floor Cleaning Machine

As an EV Lithium Battery Project Manager, you understand that the heart of any electric vehicle lies in its battery. When it comes to AGVs and Floor Cleaning Machines, you need a power source that delivers exceptional performance, longevity, and reliability. Our 24V 120AH LiFePO4 Custom Battery Pack is your ultimate solution.

  • More than 10 years life cycles.

  • Light-weight: Light weight design, packed by aluminum plate and plastic components.

  • Module design: Reasonable capacity, can be assembled to a different voltage.

  • Insulation: Perfect electrical insulation, both inside and outside.

  • Performance: Good heat conductivity, safety performance.

  • No more maintenance.