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Must the home energy storage communicate with off-grid inverter?

When we just approach the lithium solar batteries, home energy storage system, frequently our customer will ask what brand of inverter our battery would be compatible. Goodwe, Voltronics, SOLAX, Victron Energy etc.? It communicates via RS485, CAN? We think this question may bother many people.

Because in the market there are too many brand inverters, how can we have a standard protocol to compatible with each inverter? The answer is no.

Back to the traditional lead-acid battery, there is no BMS inside, sure no communication, but it works well with all the inverters! Consulted with Bonnen energy storage system engineer, if my lithium battery doesn’t have the protocol of the inverter, and I want to the battery to work with an off-grid inverter as lead-acid, is it working? The answer is Yes.

Why does the inverter companies design their different protocols?

48V 50AH LiFePO4 Lithium Ion Battery for Home/Telecom Storage

This is second protection for lithium battery and well collect data via inverter communication! You know lithium battery integrated with BMS, it can install with the display which let you read more detail working data from it when communicating with an inverter, and this also can balance your battery that prolong the life of the battery. However, this is not essential if your battery is of high quality (we define battery cell well matched in a group and each cell is highly consistency), the battery can work normally even no communication with the off-grid inverter. The inverter can load normally and can also collect data info. from battery, like the total voltage, the discharge current. But if you had communication with inverter, you may check each series or each single cell voltage and other info. which enable you to easy diagnose battery when needed.

In all, Bonnen Battery would recommend that we could ignore the communication when we don’t have the convenient source and use lithium battery as lead-acid battery, then the battery could fit all of the off-grid inverters. Just easily enjoy the small scale ESS!

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