Last Updated on: 6th February 2022, 05:30 pm

How Much Battery Do I Need for My RV? Is Solar Panel Necessary?

a. Installing a lithium battery would be enough to solve the problem of electricity consumption for the RV?
b. How much battery do I need to install to meet daily electricity consumption for my RV?
c. Is the solar panel necessary?

These are normal concerns to the RV’s. The electric power system of the RV is not so simple. The Engineer from Bonnen Battery will guide you re-recognize the “electricity” on the RV.

1. The difference between the use of RV and residential electricity

The residential has only a simple “power distribution” and “power consumption”, but the RV is a complete power system. The RV electric energy system is roughly divided into “three sectors, seven links.” The three sectors include power generation, storage, and electricity consumption; seven links include power generation – transmission – charging – storage – inverter – power distribution – power consumption.

Bonnen Battery RV battery

2. Barrel Effect—The Theory of RV Power System Balance

“The shortest piece of the wooden barrel determines the amount of water in the whole barrel.” The seven links of the RV power system cannot be short-board, and the shortboard of anyone link will cause waste of the rest. The purpose of the RV power system transformation is to eliminate the shortboard and seek balance.

Barrel Effect

3. “How much wooden barrel do you need?” Use “power consumption” to push back the size of “wooden barrel”

So how should the entire electrical system of our RV be matched? How big is the “wooden barrel” to be suitable? In theory, the bigger the “wooden barrel” is, the better, but considering the cost-effective and overall space utilization and the lightweight of the RV, this “wooden barrel” should be made in moderate size and sufficient.

4. Learn to use electricity reasonably

RV power is limited, to pursue better cost performance and space balance utilization ratio, we must learn to use electricity reasonably. Bonnen engineer offers you below tips. Following a basic principle: “High-power, frequently used appliances, try to use alternative energy sources.” High-powered electric cookers such as induction cookers, which are frequently used, should be used as much as possible without external power supply and can be replaced by energy sources such as liquefied gas.


Bonnen also suggests you follow another principle in the rational use of electricity: “the principle of electricity sorting for RV (motor homes).” According to the priority of electricity consumption, it can be roughly sorted as follows: refrigerator, lighting, audio-visual entertainment, rice cooker, other high-power electrical appliances (electric kettle, air conditioner, etc.) in the case of sequentially satisfying the electricity consumption of the upper-level electrical appliances is reasonable.

inside RV

“Select energy-efficient electrical appliances, low- and medium-power electrical appliances,” the electrical appliances on the RV should try to use the first-class energy-efficient electrical appliances to minimize the waste of electrical energy. At the same time, we should also choose medium and low power appliances, cookers, electric kettles and other high-power appliances to choose 500-800W. If the air conditioner can be changed to the inverter air conditioner, it can perfectly realize the battery with air conditioner. Regardless of the type of battery, medium and low power discharge can effectively extend battery life.

There is also a principle for rational use of electricity: “measured in and out”, and do not overuse up the electricity. The electric energy of the RV is relatively limited, and it is very important to save and measure the amount! For ordinary lead-acid batteries, two or three over discharges are sufficient to completely deplete the battery! However, if choose a RV lithium battery which that BMS has over-discharge function would be a better option.

5. What specific project and content does RV electric energy system transform have?  

Once out of the camp, it is difficult for the RV to meet the basic electricity demand. The transformation of the power system is particularly important. The transformation of the power system, one must make rational use of new energy; the second is to fill the shortboard and open the bottleneck.

The Bonnen Battery LiFePO4 RV battery pack is composed of: battery cells, an overcharge and over-discharge protection system, a single cell balancing control system, temperature sensor and alarm system etc. They have many advantages such as safety, reliability, small size, lightweight, no overcharge and over-discharge, long service life, etc. As a new energy source, it has rapidly spread in the field of RV power. Perfectly solve the “storage” link of the RV power system.

As a kind of clean energy, solar power panels use the roof space reasonably to reduce the heat radiation inside the vehicle, and the source continuously converts the light energy into electric energy. The “zero-storage” power generation, although it seems that the power is not large, the cumulative accumulation of accumulated accumulation can not be underestimated. Especially important for battery maintenance charging! Can effectively extend battery life.

solar panel on RV

The two most easily overlooked links in the seven links are “transmission” and “distribution”. The selection of low-voltage circuit diameter and line loss have made room for the transformation of RV transmission lines. The bottlenecks such as switches and relays in the control distribution circuit often exist in many RVs. There are still many optimizations in these two links. 

Besides, the selection of many devices such as chargers, inverters, and solar controllers is also important. It can also effectively eliminate short plates and increase the amount of water in the “wooden barrel”.

In all, the good habits of reasonably use electricity and the scientific power system in RV can ensure you enjoy a high-quality RV living!