Last Updated on: 6th February 2022, 05:25 pm

How Important Is The BMS?

BMS is the lifeblood of electric vehicles! BMS is the link between the battery and the vehicle. The signals it handles very rich, include batteries, collision, CAN, charging, water pumps, high voltage, insulation, and so on. A single over-discharge will cause permanent damage to the battery. In extreme cases, overheating or overcharging of the lithium battery will cause thermal runaway, battery rupture, or even explosion. Therefore, BMS must strictly control charge and discharge to avoid overcharge, over-discharge, and overheating. The battery will have a different working performance at different temperatures. The best working temperature of the lithium ion battery is 25-40 degrees. BMS improves inconsistency through balance and improves the overall performance of lithium batteries.

Electric vehicles use lithium batteries as the main source of power. Lithium batteries have the advantage of high energy density, so their performance is relatively stable. However, the quality of lithium batteries is not easy to master when mass-produced. There are slight differences in battery power when the batteries are shipped from the factory. As the operating environment changes and other factors, the inconsistencies between the batteries will become more obvious, and the battery efficiency and life will also deteriorate. Overcharge or over-discharge may cause fire and other safety issues when severe.

BMS can accurately measure the battery pack usage, protect the battery from excessive charging and discharging, balance the power of each battery in the battery pack, and analyze and calculate the battery pack power and convert it into understandable endurance information to ensure the safety of the power battery Operation.

The main purpose of the battery management system is to ensure the design performance of the battery system and provide functions from three aspects of safety, durability, and power. In terms of safety, the BMS battery management system can protect the battery cells from damage and prevent safety accidents; in terms of durability, the BMS battery management system can make the battery work in a reliable safe area and extend the battery’s service life; power, Maintain the working state of the battery to meet the requirements of the vehicle.

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